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Started in 1988, The Camry Group is one of the original pioneers in the EDI Service Bureau arena. We specialize in small and mid-size companies that need EDI but do not have the resources themselves. We also work with large companies that choose to outsource. Our services are simple and easy to use. Better than web-based EDI systems, we offer our clients full-service EDI solutions. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff does much of the work for you, saving our client valuable time and money. We customize our solutions to match your business. We are a New York State certified, women-owned business located in Islandia, New York. Come explore what we can do for you.

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    • Ray Franzino

      National Sales manager B Robinson - New York

      The Camry Group has been our EDI department for over fifteen years. They work with our accounting, order processing, sales and shipping departments to ensure smooth operations. They respond to all emails on a timely basis and catch errors before we do saving us time and money. Over the years, as we added new customers, they were able to quickly set up these accounts for us. They have been a great partner and helped us navigate through all the new changes throughout the years.
    • James and Risha Bryan

      Owners Calessa Sportswear - New York/Hong Kong/China

      When we first started our business, we did not know where to begin when it came to EDI. The Camry Group was there for us and held our hand every step of the way. They helped us get started by setting up our styles in Inovis, creating UCC128 labels and invoicing. The Camry Group is able to work with the complexities of our business. At any given time, The Camry Group communicates with our staff in Hong Kong and California, with our warehouse and with our customers all over The U.S.A. & Canada. The Camry Group plays a vital role in keeping information and product moving smoothly from concept - to delivery - to payment. They contact our customerís DCs directly on our behalf and work closely with our staff to resolve issues. The Camry Group is very reliable when it comes to timing. Every project received is dealt with high priority. Currently, The Camry Group maintains all of our EDI and many other IT initiatives. We are very happy to have The Camry Group by our side and with confidence know that we have a great partner in them.
    • Patti Gonchor

      Love and Quiches Desserts, Freeport, NY

      The Camry Group is like my Easy Button, I contact them and they take care of it, itís that simple. They are very personable, professional and are always there when we have a question. I love to work with them. During a recent transition, the Camry Group was required to coordinate information between two of our IT vendors to import EDI information into reports that are imperative to our operations. The Camry Group was crucial to the success of this project and their communication between the outside vendors was exemplary.
    • Edward Gillule

      Vice President Operations - Hypnotic Hats Ltd

      Hypnotic Hats has been using The Camry Group since the beginning of its EDI program. As the company grew we brought some of our larger volume accounts in house, but have continued to use The Camry Group for our smaller accounts and have added additional accounts when the projected volume didnít warrant using our software vendors. Their extensive experience and flexibility, allowed us to develop file transfer protocols that made the process of inaction with their software both seamless and painless. The partnership remains today as one that has a firm grasp of Hypnoticís needs.
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